Yngol Barrow

skyrim yngol barrowYngol Barrow is a barrow located Northeast of Windhelm on the south bank of the river.

It is a linear dungeon with a rotating stone puzzle and a Dragon Claw door. Blue orbs are found throughout the barrow and will follow you around inside it. The rotating stone puzzle is solved by reading Notes on Yngol Barrow, found on the Dead Scholar in front of the gate. Right of the alcove containing the throne is an alcove with running water on the inside, this stone must be turned to the whale symbol to open the door. The alcove covered in weeds and plant life contains the stone that must be turned to the snake symbol. Last, the stone which is in the sunlight must be turned to the eagle symbol.

After you enter the gate you will find a Coral Dragon Claw, which is used to open the dragon claw door. (You can also get a Coral Dragon Claw from Birna in Winterhold.)

Ahead there is a bridge crossing some shallow water. Underneath the bridge is a chest and a burial urn.

Further ahead there is a locked gate with some minor treasure inside. Turning left just before here, you will find a levelled Greatsword next to some Snowberries. Past here is a swinging gate trap.

After the trap there is a chest containing loot. To the right is a corridor, at the end of which you will find the Dragon Claw Door. The signs for the Dragon Claw hand is starting from the outer ring: Snake, Wolf, Butterfly. Behind the door is a tomb area containing a ghost-like draugr (the bright mist in the room makes him hard to see). He guards a throne in which a skeleton wearing the Helm of Yngol sits. After this room is a staircase to an alternate exit.

NOTE: If you encounter a Draugr Deathlord instead of the Yngol Shade, you CANNOT complete the Barrow. This may be caused by being sent to the barrow to retrieve the Helm of Winterhold.