Yngol Barrow

800px SR place Yngol Barrow Yngol BarrowYngol Bar­row is a bar­row located North­east of Wind­helm on the south bank of the river.

It is a lin­ear dun­geon with a rotat­ing stone puz­zle and a Dragon Claw door. Blue orbs are found through­out the bar­row and will fol­low you around inside it. The rotat­ing stone puz­zle is solved by read­ing Notes on Yngol Bar­row, found on the Dead Scholar in front of the gate. Right of the alcove con­tain­ing the throne is an alcove with run­ning water on the inside, this stone must be turned to the whale sym­bol to open the door. The alcove cov­ered in weeds and plant life con­tains the stone that must be turned to the snake sym­bol. Last, the stone which is in the sun­light must be turned to the eagle symbol.

After you enter the gate you will find a Coral Dragon Claw, which is used to open the dragon claw door. (You can also get a Coral Dragon Claw from Birna in Win­ter­hold.)

Ahead there is a bridge cross­ing some shal­low water. Under­neath the bridge is a chest and a bur­ial urn.

Fur­ther ahead there is a locked gate with some minor trea­sure inside. Turn­ing left just before here, you will find a lev­elled Greatsword next to some Snow­ber­ries. Past here is a swing­ing gate trap.

After the trap there is a chest con­tain­ing loot. To the right is a cor­ri­dor, at the end of which you will find the Dragon Claw Door. The signs for the Dragon Claw hand is start­ing from the outer ring: Snake, Wolf, But­ter­fly. Behind the door is a tomb area con­tain­ing a ghost-like draugr (the bright mist in the room makes him hard to see). He guards a throne in which a skele­ton wear­ing the Helm of Yngol sits. After this room is a stair­case to an alter­nate exit.

NOTE: If you encounter a Draugr Deathlord instead of the Yngol Shade, you CANNOT com­plete the Bar­row. This may be caused by being sent to the bar­row to retrieve the Helm of Win­ter­hold.

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  • Cgpic­cini

    I went in through the back door before going in the front way, killed the draugr with my bow, and now the claw door will not open. bug.

  • Jor­dan­feusi

    you turn the rings to the right animals?