Why Skyrim is Horrible for the Economy (from wired.com)

skyrim wiredDave Banks of Wired.com has an article out today in which he examines how Skyrim is almost completely at fault for the stagnant global economy. How, you ask?

The answer is quite simple: Skyrim is incredible. The game’s world is so big and there are so many quests to complete that those millions of dollars in sales are being nullified by players’ lost productivity and lack of economic participation in the real world.

Bethesda, the makers of Skyrim, have once again outdone themselves. They’ve created a game so immersive, so epically epic, it takes over people’s lives. Once you step off that cart after crossing into Skyrim, it’s as if you have no choice but to keep playing – it’s that good. Plus, with its new monsters, this is one dance with dragons that actually lived up to the hype this year. However, this excellence has come at a heavy economic price.

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December 15th, 2011