Whispers in the Dark

In Brief

  • Hide in the Night Mother’s coffin and listen to Cicero.
  • Step out and confront Cicero and Astrid.
  • Take contracts from Nazir.


After returning from your assassination mission in Mourning Never Comes, Astrid will confess that she is a little paranoid about the Night Mother’s assistant, Cicero. He has been locking himself in the room with the Night Mother’s coffin and speaking to someone, and won’t tell anyone who. She will direct you to hide in the coffin with the Night Mother’s corpse to spy on him and see who he talks to.

Rush upstairs into the room and pick the lock on the Night Mother’s coffin, then step inside and listen. You will hear that Cicero is actually attempting to communicate with the Night Mother and that there is no sabotage, but she refuses to talk to him because he is not “the Listener.”

The Night Mother does, however, talk to you. She will task you with traveling to Volunruud and speak with Amaund Motierre.

Step out of the coffin, and speak to both Astrid and Cicero. Explain that there is no traitor and that you are the new Listener. Astrid will be understanding at first, but her attitude quickly changes. She demands that you do not follow the Night Mother’s directions because “I’m still the leader in this family,” and to go take a contract from Nazir first while she thinks about it.

Upon accepting two contracts from Nazir, this quest will complete.