Vipir the Fleet

skyrim vipir the fleetVipir the Fleet is a Nord thief and a member of the Thieves Guild in Riften. He is the Master Pickpocket trainer.

Speaking with Vipir and asking about his nickname, he will reveal that while on a job in Windhelm with Vex, they became surrounded by guards. Vipir and Vex split up; Vex was able to lose her pursuers rather quickly, however Vipir was not able to lose the guards and ran out the main gate and all the way to Riften. Upon arriving and seeing Vex and the rest of the Guild laughing at him, he remembered that he and Vex had left their horses just outside the city, and Vex had ridden hers to Riften, arriving hours earlier. Once his story is done, he tells the Dragonborn not to tell anyone.