Uriel Septim VII

Emperor Uriel Septim VII (3E 346 – 3E 433; ruled 3E 368 – 3E 433) was the son of Pelagius IV and twenty-first emperor of the Septim dynasty. He plays a central role in four Elder Scrolls games – ArenaDaggerfallMorrowind, and Oblivion – which collectively cover the last forty-four years of his 65-year rule.

Oblivion opens at the very end of Uriel VII’s reign, shortly following the triple assassination of his grown sons Geldall, Enman and Ebel. Having been advised by his councilors to go into hiding, he attempts to flee the Imperial City through a secret underground tunnel which passes through the player’s prison cell. Here, he invites the player to join his entourage and asks him or her to find his illegitimate son and bring him to the palace to be crowned emperor. He also gives the player the Amulet of Kings, which must be worn at all times by a member of the Septim bloodline, or the barrier between Tamriel and Oblivion will dissolve.

Uriel is killed shortly afterward by members of the Daedra-worshipping Mythic Dawn cult. Shortly after his death, portals to Oblivion begin appearing all over Cyrodiil and the forces of the Daedric Prince Mehrunes Dagon invade Tamriel.

The emperor wears the Amulet of Kings, and an emperor’s robe, with a pair of matching shoes. He wields a silver shortsword. He also carries a spare pair of shoes.

Uriel Septim VII is voiced by veteran actor Patrick Stewart in Oblivion.