Under Saarthal

skyrim under saarthalIn Brief

  1. Meet Tolfdir and the trainees outside Saarthal.
  2. Follow Tolfdir into the ruins.
  3. Find Arniel Gane and help him find some artifacts.
  4. Use the Saarthal Amulet to escape the trap.
  5. Follow Tolfdir deeper into the ruins.
  6. Discover the danger within Saarthal.
  7. Talk to the Arch-Mage and receive your reward.


First, head off to Saarthal and wait for Tolfdir and your fellow trainees or just join them for the way. When all have arrived, follow them into the ruins. Once inside, Tolfdir will tell you to help a mage trying to find magical artifacts. When you speak to him, he will ask you to collect four of these artifacts. Pick up the amulet right next to you. When you pick it up, you will become trapped, and will have to wait for Tolfdir to come and help you. When he does, he will tell you to put the amulet on. After putting the amulet on, the wall from which you picked it up will start exerting energy. Cast any spell at the wall and it will break.

Go through the hole in the wall and you will end up in a small chamber. Tolfdir will come with you. Upon entering the chamber, a high level Draugr will attack you. Kill it and move on. At this point, Tolfdir will stay behind while you wander through the dungeons encountering more levelled Draugr.

First Puzzle: You will have to rotate the pillars until they are in the correct place, then pull the lever. The answer to each pillar is on the wall behind the pillar.

Second Puzzle: The second puzzle works the same as the first, so you have to make the pillars show the respective symbols. Since some pillars make others rotate with them, the easiest way is to find out which pillar has what reaction and then start with the one who moves all three others, working your way down. Eventually, you will reach a large chamber. At the back of it is a massive, floating orb covered in runes, which is protected by a wall of magic. At this point, Tolfdir will catch up to you. Sitting on the throne in the middle of the chamber is an extremely hard Draugr, Jyrik Gauldruson. Wait for Tolfdir to start draining power from the orb, at which point he will tell you to attack the enemy. Jyrik will light on black/purple fire (like magic effect when you use conjuration spells), at which point you are able to attack it successfully.

When you kill it, Tolfdir will tell you to report this to the Arch-Mage. Do not feel rushed, as you will have no need to return to this place again. Be sure to look at the table and throne that Jyrik was seated at, as it contains Staff of Jyrik Gauldruson, (Lightning Bolt Call Storm 25 pts) as well as some other stuff.

Then leave through the door that is behind the blue orb, and you will find a Word Wall as well as a large chest. Learn the word, loot the chest and then leave the ruins. You can go back to the mage who asked you to bring artifacts to him, if you had collected some of the enchanted rings an option to give them to him will appear, he will take them and give nothing in return (Note: this is not required for completing the quest and does not affect your progress in the mage’s guild).

Talk to the Arch-Mage in the College. He will give you Staff of Magelight as thanks and point you to Urag gro-Shub. This initiates the Hitting the Books quest.