To Kill An Empire

skyrim to kill an empireIn Brief

  1. Travel to Solitude.
  2. Enter the castle using the Gourmet’s letter.
  3. Cook the Gourmet’s famous stew and poison it at the end.
  4. Escape when the Emperor dies.
  5. Return to the Sanctuary.


After receiving the quest from Astrid, travel to Solitude and report to Commander Maro. Show him the writ you stole from Balagog to gain entrance to the castle. Maro will allow you to pass with no trouble, telling you to report to the castle’s chef, Gianna. If you are wearing a Chef’s hat he will say, “Of course, I should have realized the clothes…” otherwise he tells you, “You are not dressed as I had expected.” Regardless, he allows you to pass.

Inside, speak to Gianna. She will not allow you to assist her without the proper attire: a Chef’s hat can be found on the shelf to your left. Wear one, speak to her again, and you will begin cooking the meal for the Emperor. The Emperor has requested the Gourmet’s famous Potage Le Magnifique. A potage is a thick soup. You will have the opportunity to tell the chef what ingredients to add to the stew. The culinary choices you make do not seem to matter. You can add Vampire Dust, a Giant’s Toe, and even a Septim to the soup without blowing your cover. If you wish to poison the Emperor be sure to add Jarrin Root at the very end. If you do not, you will be forced to kill the Emperor by other means.

When you are done, follow Gianna as she serves the food to the Emperor. Gianna will serve the Emperor the meal you cooked and regardless of the ingredients he will compliment its amazing taste and then quickly die if you added the Jarrin Root. The guards will attack you upon the Emperor’s death, although this can be avoided by successfully sneaking as he dies. Once the Emperor is dead, exit through the door opposite where you entered.

Cross the bridge and you will be ambushed by Commander Maro and several of his agents. He reveals that the man you killed was a decoy. Maro explains that someone from the Dark Brotherhood betrayed you and revealed to Maro your plans to assassinate the Emperor. Maro agreed to allow the Brotherhood to continue its business in exchange for your life. He then tells you that due to the Dark Brotherhood killing his son he intends to go back on his word and wipe them out. He has sent his agents to attack the sanctuary already. As soon as the conversation with Maro begins your bounty with Haafingar will be set to 1500, so the city guards will be on the lookout for you. Escape the city and head to the Brotherhood Sanctuary.

When you arrive at the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary, the quest ends.