The World-Eater’s Eyrie

In Brief

  • Set Odahviing free
  • Talk to Odahviing
  • Reach Alduin’s portal to Sovngarde
  • Enter Sovngarde


In order to free Odahviing, talk to the Whiterun Guard standing on the second floor. (There is a stone staircase near where the Jarl is standing) After a short section, the guard will release Odahviing for the Dragonborn.

Upon arriving at the temple courtyard, you’ll encounter two dragons, and multiple Draugr Wights and Deathlords. Battle your way through them to enter the temple complex. (Alternatively, if you have a high enough sneak skill, it is possible to sneak past all enemies, including the dragons).

The first puzzle in Skuldafn will have you trying to open two doors. This puzzle has three pillars, each separated by a wall. Between the doors and the pillars is a lever. On the walls beside the two outside pillars, are pictures which match up to those on the pillars, (I.E. bird, snake, whale) The one on the left says whale, and the one on the right says snake. Match the pillars up to the pictures. Above each door are more picture-clues. Above the door to the right, which leads to a treasure chest but not much else, it says “bird”. The door to the left, which leads to the destination, says “snake”. You are to match the middle pillar up to either of the doors and pull the lever to open the doors. (In simple terms, to unlock the door on the right, make the 3 pillars turned to where they face the lever the bird. To unlock the door on the left, make it Bird, Snake, Bird.)

The second puzzle, is Whale, Snake, Bird (Upper level left, middle lower level, upper level right)

You will eventually reach a puzzle door that requires the use of the diamond claw. The answer to the puzzle is wolf, moth, dragon (the answer is also written on the diamond claw itself if you check your inventory).

Before you enter Alduin’s portal to Sovngarde you must kill a Dragon Priest. Be warned, this Dragon Priest can be tough if you don’t take the fight to him. When you reach the top of the stairs he will notice you and make his way toward his staff. It’s best to start your assault immediately. He doesn’t attack until he gets his staff so get to him quickly and use the shout Slow Time then do as much damage as possible. After the Dragon Priest grabs his staff he’ll turn around to face you. Be careful with this one as his staff does 50 Lighting damage per second. Any Lighting resistance potions or enchanted apparel you have would be useful now. He doesn’t start off with full health so if you jumped on attacking him before he grabs his staff you should be able to dispatch him in short time. After defeating the Dragon Priest, pick up his staff and activate the Dragon Seal.