The Wolf Queen Awakened

In Brief

  1. After receiving the letter from the courier speak to Falk Firebeard
  2. Speak to Styrr
  3. Fight through the underground tunnels
  4. Defeat Potema
  5. Retrieve Potema’s Remains from the throne
  6. Give the remains to Styrr
  7. Return to Falk


A while after completing The Man Who Cried Wolf the Courier will approach you with a letter from Falk Firebeard asking you to return to him. When you get there he will inform you that since you stopped the ritual, you have a connection to Potema and that she did not get destroyed when you stopped the ritual; she just doesn’t have a physical body. He will inform you of some tunnels underneath the Temple of the Divines that will lead you to her. After talking to Falk, the quest will initiate, and that you are to speak with Styrr who will give you further instructions.

Styrr is located in Solitude’s Hall of the Dead. Head over there, and talk to Styrr. He will say that Potema is located in the Catacombs under the city, and the entrance to it is located in the Temple of the Divines. After speaking, he will give you the key to the Catacombs and the spell Turn Undead. Styrr will also tell you that your ultimate objective is to find Potema’s remains and bring them to him so that they can be blessed.

When you arrive in the temple, go past the pews and on your left will be some stairs going down. Take the stairs, and you will be confronted with a locked iron gate, which can only be unlocked using the key Styrr gave you. After unlocking, enter Potema’s Catacombs.

The dungeon is filled with draugr and vampires. The type of draugr and vampires present seems to be dependant on level. Higher levelled characters can expect Draugr Deathlords and Ancient Vampires and similarly tiered enemies. The dungeon itself is also very linear, and proceeding through it is a fairly simple endeavour.

Upon entering, the voice of Potema resonate out towards you. The iron gate that previously barred your path is opened once Potema has finished speaking. Proceed forwards until you reach a room with purple flammable liquid on the floor. There is a table in the centre of this room, with a copy of the skillbook “Surfeit of Thieves”. Read it to raise your Lockpick level.

As you continue, there will be a long hallway with a (live) draugr in an alcove. Proceed onwards, and you will encounter two draugr in water. Defeat, then avoid the spike door trap by jumping over the pressure panel. Continuing onwards will eventually bring you to a bright room with cages hanging from the roof, with two draugr hidden in the right hand side of the room, and a rigged chest. Opening the chest is safe provided you stand to the side of the chest, which will place you out of harm’s way of the arrows which shoot from behind the chest.

You will eventually reach a dead end, but there is a lever. Activate the lever, and the stone wall in front of you will start to revolve, and waiting will reveal that there is an hole cut out in the wall, and this brief window of opportunity is your only chance of proceeding. The room immediately after going through the revolving door is filled with various potions, ingredients, an alchemy lab and the door to the next area of the dungeon. After taking what you want, open the door to Potema’s Refuge.

Walking forwards will bring you to a room with three of the previously encountered revolving doorways, and three corresponding levers. Activating the first lever in line will stop the first revolving door, vice versa. Stop all three doors when the entrance is open to you, and walk forwards. To your left will be a misty corridor with two defense towers; these towers shoot fireballs from its soul gem if you get too close. Use your bow to shoot the gems out of place, thus disabling the towers, or use the pillars to your advantage by avoiding the fireballs.

Opening the door will bring you at heads with an “asleep” draugr in the seat near the back of the room with an accompanying vampire. It is advisable to go into sneak mode, then opening the door so both enemies won’t detect you, and then taking a pot shot at the sleeping draugr for a critical. This will make the fight easier. The key to Potema’s Sanctum is found on the body of the vampire. Loot it to avoid picking the Master lock to Potema’s Sanctum. Finally, open the door to the final area of the dungeon.

Proceeding forwards will bring you to a room full of dead draugr and a locked iron gate. Potema’s voice will speak out to you, telling you that “there is not much further”, which to you will mean that the boss fight is nearing. The iron gate will then unlock, and Potema will reanimate a few enemies in the room with you. Defeat them, then continue. You will eventually come to a room with a floating spirit and tombs scattered around the perimeter and centre of the room. This is the boss fight.

She will radiate bolts of electricity and rotate the bolts, dealing shock damage to those the bolts of electricity hit. It is advisable to consume potions which give you Resist Shock. It is important to note that arrows will not affect Potema, but magic will. Potema will also release draugr from their tombs, and they will attack you. After each wave of defeated draugr, Potema will reanimate some of them, and will release some more draugr as well. Each wave of draugr you defeat will seemingly make Potema weaker. Keep killing the draugr, and the spirit of Potema will eventually recede into the locked room opposite where you came in.

If your sneak skill and patience are high enough, you can pick off the draugr with your bow and while Potema’s lightning chips away the health those in its path.

Follow the spirit of Potema, and Potema’s Ghostly Remains will appear, and ready to fight you. The apparition may respawn and have to be defeated several times. After defeating the apparition, you will see that there is a seat with a skull on it. This skull is Potema’s Remains. Take Potema’s Skull, and loot the chests. Inside one of the chests is a “Legend of Krately House” skillbook. Read it to increase you Sneak skill. Exit the room.

Proceed forwards, defeating any remaining enemies and you will eventually emerge on a mountain overlooking a docked ship in Solitude. Fast travel to Solitude and go to the Hall of the Dead. There, speak with Styrr and he will accept the remains gleefully. He goes off to bless the remains, and all there is left to do now is to report to Falk Firebeard. Also, returning the remains will partially complete the miscellaneous quest Assist the People of Haafingar, which ultimately goes towards your becoming Thane of Solitude. Note: It is sometimes possible to become Thane before doing this quest if enough other quests have been obtained and completed. Go ahead and buy the house in the haunted city!

Return to the Blue Palace and speak to Falk, where he will give his gratitude, some gold and the Shield of Solitude.