The Shill Job

In Brief

  1. Talk to Vex about shill jobs.
  2. Find the target and plant the evidence.
  3. Report back to Vex for your reward.


After joining the Thieves Guild, Vex will tell you that she handles all the burglary, shill, sweep and heist jobs. Ask her for a shill job and she will inform you that a client has requested someone be taken out. Unlike the Dark Brotherhood, the guild does this by planting evidence in their home and tipping off the guard. You must not kill anyone or get caught and go to jail.

Once you’ve planted the evidence, return to Vex for a leveled reward of gold.

Note: even if you complete the job successfully, there are no obvious repercussions for the person you have framed. They do not go to jail or otherwise become inaccessible.