The Man Who Cried Wolf

In Brief

  1. Talk to Falk Firebeard in the Blue Palace in Solitude.
  2. Travel to Wolfskull Cave.
  3. Take care of the Necromancers within.
  4. Return to Falk Firebeard.


Travel to Solitude and make your way to the Blue Palace. Once inside go up the steps to where the throne is; there should be a man named Varnius Junius speaking to Jarl Elisif the Fair. Varnius will be complaining about mysterious disappearances and lights near Wolfskull Cave; when he has finished talking, speak to Falk Firebeard. Ask about the cave and offer to investigate the problem.

Head to the cave and fight your way through necromancers and draugr until you reach a large cave filled with old ruins with some magical lights connected to the center of the cave, where necromancers are trying to summon and bind the Wolf Queen. Work through the ruins and fight through the necromancers and draugr until you reach the top of the central tower; the Ritual Master there is guarded by more necromancers, so kill them and then deal with the defenseless Ritual Master. Once the Ritual Master is dead, your main goal here is finished.

Exit the cave and head back to Solitude. Inform Falk Firebeard of what was happening to recieve your reward and complete the quest.