The Litany of Larceny

In Brief

  1. Find the Queen Bee Statue in Goldenglow Estate and bring it to Delvin Mallory.
  2. Find the Honningbrew Decanter in Honningbrew Meadery.
  3. Find the East Empire Shipping Map in the East Empire Company Warehouse in Solitude.
  4. Find the Model Ship in Snow Veil Sanctum.
  5. Find the Dwemer Puzzle Cube in Calcelmo’s Laboratory in Understone Keep in Markarth.
  6. Find the Bust of the Gray Fox in Riftweald Manor in Riften.
  7. Find the Left Eye of the Falmer in the Dwemer ruin, Irkngthand.


  1. The first trinket that the player will likely encounter is the Queen Bee Statue. It is found in the Goldenglow Estate, on a table in Aringoth’s room. This location is visited in the Thieves Guild quest Loud and Clear. When picked up, a prompt will tell the player to return the item to Delvin Mallory.
  2. The Honningbrew Decanter is located in a room in the upper floor of the Honningbrew Meadery, behind the door which has an expert lock. The player will most likely come across it during the quest Dampened Spirits.
  3. The East Empire Trading Map can be found on a table next to some loot in the Dockmaster’s office in the East Empire Company Warehouse. It is easiest to acquire this during the quest Scoundrel’s Folly; if the player attempts to steal it at any other point, the warehouse may be patrolled by guards, who will attack you on sight if spotted.
  4. The Model Ship is found on a booby-trapped pedestal in Snow Veil Catacombs. The pedestal is surrounded by oil, and when removal of the ship causes the oil to burst into flame. It is fairly easy to grab the ship near the doorway and retreat to avoid the fire. It is also possible for the player to shoot one of the vases that fall to set off the trap, however, this causes the ship to fly away from the resulting explosion, so just shoot one of the vases which would make the ship fly into a wall. Another option is to shoot the ship away from the oil on the ground. Be aware that picking up the ship will still trigger the vases to fall. The player visits Snow Veil Catacombs during the quest Speaking with Silence.
  5. The Dwemer Puzzle Cube is in Calcelmo’s Laboratory, which is accessed via the Dwemer Museum in Understone Keep. The player travels through the laboratory during the quest Hard Answers.
  6. The Bust of the Gray Fox is found on a table in Riftweald Manor during the quest The Pursuit. It is difficult to miss, as it’s sitting right next to the quest objective.
  7. The Left Eye of the Falmer can be taken from the dungeon boss corpse during Blindsighted. After selling it to Delvin, the eye will appear in the Cistern on a shelf behind where Mercer used to work. The player can take the eye again and it is not theft.