The House of Horrors

In Brief

  1. Enter the Abandoned House
  2. Kill your companion
  3. Speak with the Daedric Prince, Molag Bal
  4. Head to the specific Forsworn redoubts
  5. Clear out the Forsworn
  6. Release Logrolf the Willful
  7. Return to the Abandoned House
  8. Kill Logrolf


This walkthrough assumes that you have chosen to side with Molag Bal. It appears that there is no way to complete this mission with a ‘good’ ending – the story will only advance towards you eventually killing Logrolf and being rewarded by Molag Bal. Players wishing to avoid being the champion of an evil Daedric prince should instead ignore the quest at whatever part of the quest they are in. The only consequence is at a random time later a cultist of Boethiah will appear to get revenge.

The quest begins outside the Abandoned House in Markarth. You will find a member of the Vigil of Stendarr named Vigilant Tyranus standing guard there. Tyranus may be having a conversation withYngvar the Singer about the house, or standing there alone. Either way, dialogue with Tyranus begins when you get sufficiently close to him, and he tells you that the house is abandoned and always has been. Regardless, the Vigil suspects the house of being a Daedric worship site. If you offer to help investigate, he thanks you and instructs you to follow him into the house.

Upon entering the house, Tyranus comments that it shows no sign of old age, in spite the fact that nobody ever enters or leaves. The whole house emanates a strange white fog. Immediately after he stops talking, a noise comes from downstairs. He leads you to a door, then asks you to open it. The door is locked, and triggers dialogue from a mysterious Daedra, who claims that you are stronger than Tyranus, and orders you to kill him. Tyranus asks you to leave the house first, but the door out is locked and cannot be picked. The whole house starts to shake, and items fly about the room. The voice will then tell you to kill Tyranus. Tyranus gives in to his panic and attacks. Once he is dead, the voice congratulates you, and instructs you to descend farther into the house to claim your “reward”. Your only choice is to obey, since the door is still locked.

The locked door is now open, and leads farther into the house. Past this door, the voice leads you through a hole in the wall into a subterranean tunnel leading to an altar with a rusty mace upon it. Interacting with the mace triggers a spike trap, which locks you in place. The voice then reveals itself to be Molag Bal, and the rusty mace is his Daedric artifact, the Mace of Molag Bal, desecrated and left to rot by a priest of Boethiah. The Daedric prince is very unhappy with the fate of his weapon, and commands you to find the priest and bring him to the altar so Molag Bal can force him to submit. You can either ask him if he wants revenge, or demand to be released. The first option grants you a promise of a reward and involvement in the scheme, while the second does not. Either choice leads to your release, and Molag Bal permits you to leave the house. But there is a known glitch in which the door to leave the house is locked and there is no way to unlock it.

The priest is being held captive in one of four Forsworn Redoubts: Bruca’s Leap Redoubt, Broken Tower Redoubt, Deepwood Redoubt or Druadach Redoubt. The priest, Logrolf the Willful, is found in different locations within the various redoubts. If you have previously completed No One Escapes Cidhna Mine and opted to jailbreak the Forsworn group, then you will face no resistance from them as you seek to rescue Logrolf. As soon as you talk to him, Logrolf will ask if you have come to kill him. He is doubtful when you tell him that you have come to rescue him, and asks who sent you. Here you have three choices: tell him Boethiah sent you (Persuasion), Molag Bal sent you (Intimidate), or simply bribe him. Which of these will work is dependent upon your Speech level. Intimidation may anger him into confronting Molag Bal, and persuasion may cause him to ridicule you about believing in a nice troll who gives presents to good children. The bribe frees him easily, and he concludes that Boethiah has sent you to free him so he can go back and perform his rite at the abandoned house. Logrolf leaves, and you are to follow him to the Abandoned House.

Logrolf will be waiting for you when you re-enter the Abandoned House, and he will immediately run off to the basement. He will be trapped in front of the altar like you were, and will banter briefly with Molag Bal. The Daedric Prince will then give you the rusted mace and command you to beat Logrolf into submission with it. However, you are not actually required to use the weapon – using spells also works, and any other weapon you happen to be carrying may also be used.

After taking all his health once, Molag Bal will revive him. Do it again, and Logrolf will then submit to the Daedric Prince, and Molag Bal then orders you to kill him. Once he is dead, Molag Bal grants you the fully restored Mace of Molag Bal, and he permits you to watch over the house.