The Heart of Dibella

In Brief

  1. Travel to Markarth
  2. Talk to Degaine and enter the Inner Sanctum of the Temple of Dibella
  3. Decide whether to steal Dibella’s Statue or help the priestesses
  4. Travel to Karthwasten and find out who and where Fjorta is
  5. (Optional) Bring Enmon to Broken Redoubt Tower to rescue Fjorta
  6. Save Fjorta from Forsworn
  7. Bring Fjorta back to Markarth’s Temple of Dibella


While traveling through Markarth you will eventually encounter a beggar named Degaine. By asking him about money he mentions the Temple of Dibella, and reveals that there is supposedly a treasure somewhere inside said temple. At this point a Miscellaneous quest will begin, requiring you to steal this treasure, a statue, secured in the Inner Sanctum of the temple.

Upon entering the temple you will find a lonely priestess named Senna. She insists that the other temple priestesses are currently communing with the goddess and should not be disturbed. The statue itself is located further inside, behind an expert-level locked door. You can try to pick the lock or steal the key from Senna.

Regardless of how you get inside the Inner Sanctum, if you are noticed you will be confronted by one of the priestesses, who in turn informs the Order’s “mother” Hamal. It is possible, however, to steal the statue unnoticed, leave, sell it to Degaine, and then return to the temple and purposely get noticed in order to start the quest.

At this point you have two choices: either proceed with the plan and steal the statue, or help the priestesses in their search for the new Sybil. Stealing the statue and turning it over to Degaine will yield a leveled amount of gold, while helping the sisters will grant you with a unique permanent ability, Agent of Dibella.

If you choose to find a new Sybil you should head to Karthwasten and locate a young girl’s father, Enmon, inside the mines. Through conversation he reveals that his daughter Fjotra has been abducted byForsworn and is currently being held prisoner inside Broken Tower Redoubt.

Fighting through the towers won’t be easy and will require you to clear out everything on the way up, take a door leading back out to Skyrim, and then enter a smaller tower which serves as the prison, with Fjotra inside, guarded by a hardy Forsworn Briarheart.

When she’s freed, Fjotra is, naturally, grateful, and expresses eager anticipation for her forthcoming new life inside the temple. You should head back to the Inner Sanctum and talk with Hamal once more. She will inform the girl’s parents of their daughter’s return, and ask that you pray at the Altar of Dibella, which is actually a small pool near the entrance of the temple.

After kneeling and drinking the blessed water, you receive a permanent buff called Agent of Dibella, which grants an additional 10% melee damage against enemies of the opposite sex. At this point the quest will be marked as completed.