The Fallen

In Brief

  1. Prepare a trap for Odahviing
  2. Call Odahviing to Dragonsreach
  3. Weaken and trap Odahviing
  4. Interrogate Odahviing


During the conclusion of the peace treaty negotiations, you will learn that you can use a Shout to call a dragon, as all dragon names are Words of Power. The Blades have uncovered the name of one dragon in their records, Odahviing. You will automatically learn these words. It is also possible to learn Odahviing’s name from Paarthurnax, in case you did not have to negotiate a peace treaty.

Go to Dragonsreach to prepare and spring the trap with the help of Jarl Balgruuf. The area you need to go is located behind the throne room and up the stairs. Tell the Jarl you’re ready, then use the Call Dragon shout. Odahviing will appear and attack you, being curious to test your power. Fight him, and draw him closer to the doors you came in through using the shout Dragonrend. Climb the stairs that start near the doors, and a large wooden yoke will drop down and snap around his neck, holding him in place. He will start talking to you.

At this point, you can get him to tell you where Alduin has gone, a former temple of the Dragon Cult called Skuldafn. Prod him a bit more and he will tell you that it is impossible to get to without wings, and that he will take you if you release him. Before you accept his offer, make sure you have everything you need for a long mission, as you will not be able to leave Skuldafn until after you have completed the next quests.

When you are ready, talk to a guard on the upper level to release Odahviing, then talk to the freed Odahviing again for the flight to Skuldafn.