That Was Always There

In Brief

  • Speak to Revyn Sadri to get the quest
  • Break into Viola’s house
  • [Optional] Rat out Revyn to Viola
  • Plant the ring
  • Return to Revyn


Upon meeting Revyn Sadri in his store in the Gray Quarter, you can take his quest to restore a stolen ring to Viola Giordano. He apparently bought it by mistake from someone, not knowing it was stolen. He is afraid that Viola will discover he has it, but due to her racism will not believe he had nothing to do with the theft. You will have to return the ring by some other means.

Go to Viola’s house on the other side of the city. The lock will be leveled to be difficult to pick. Break in using a lockpick, or alternatively pickpocket Viola’s key, which may be easier if your lockpicking skill is low. The dresser you need to use is located on the right hand side as you enter her house. You have to “store” the ring into the small dresser, and will receive a quest update once this is done.

Alternatively, you can garner favor from Viola and raise her disposition by telling her where you got it. She will go to the Jarl, give you 1000 gold, and be available for marriage if you choose this option.

Return to Revyn when you have planted the ring. He will reward you with a levelled amount of gold, offer Speechcraft services, and be available for marriage.