Thane of Falkreath

In Brief

  1. Befriend the Jarl of Falkreath.
  2. Assist people of the hold three times.
  3. Return to the Jarl for your reward.


This is an umbrella quest for several other quests that must be completed if you wish to become Thane of Falkreath. In order to receive it, you first aid the current Jarl of Falkreath – Denegir or Siddgeir depending on your game choices. The previous quest will always be to kill a Bandit Leader. The Jarl requires you to assist the citizens of Falkreath Hold three times in order to become Thane. This can be difficult as there are only a limited number of quests in the Hold and the quest givers are non-essential leading to death and irrevocable loss of potential quests.

Ways to Assist Citizens

  • Complete Miscellaneous Quests from the region.
  • Complete Bounty Quests from the region.
  • Complete A Daedra’s Best Friend
  • Complete Ill Met By Moonlight


The reward, the Blade of Falkreath, is a random, leveled, enchanted sword. There is a 50% chance that it will be a sword (one-handed), and a 50% chance it will be a greatsword (two-handed). You will also receive a pittance of Gold and the title of Thane for Falkreath Hold.