Take Up Arms

In Brief

  1. Locate the headquarters of the Companions
  2. Find and talk to Kodlak Whitemane
  3. Prove yourself worthy against Vilkas
  4. Make yourself useful for the higher-ranked members.


On your way to Whiterun you may stumble upon members of the Companions, specifically Aela the Huntress, Ria and Farkas, battling Giants amidst the sparse crops outside Pelagia Farm. Prove your combat prowess and worth by helping them slay their foes, and they will direct you to Kodlak Whitemane in Jorrvaskr. Alternatively, speaking with most Whiterun citizens will also net you information about Jorrvaskr and add a map marker for the building.

Inside the building, asking any member about ‘who’s in charge’ will point you to their leader Kodlak Whitemane; Kodlak will most likely be in the northern room of the Living Quarters, busy talking toVilkas. After a brief speech, Kodlak will ask about your battle skills. Regardless of your answer, Kodlak will order Vilkas to escort you to the yard for a quick sparring session. Follow Vilkas to the yard and pick up the fight. Make sure not to use an enchanted weapon, for if you do Vilkas will complain about you using magic. Once Vilkas asks you to stop, make sure to do so as an unintentional attack can make all Companions attack you.

Vilkas will then hand you his sword for sharpening. Take it to the best forger in town, Eorlund Gray-Mane, who works just up the stairs from the Jorrvaskr entrance. Eorlund will briefly explain how newcomers tend to get bossed around upon joining the Companions, and will not hesitate to take advantage. He will give you a shield for Aela, another member who can be found in the Living Quarters. When you hand it over, she will thank you for the favor and summon Farkas who will escort you to your new quarters, where a free bed will be available. Farkas will introduce you to a few of the other newcomers and will also offer you a job, the radiant quest Trouble in Skyrim. You can choose to ignore his request, as seven different Radiant Quests will now be available from the guild members and you must complete at least one of them before your next major assignment, Proving Honor.