Summerset Shadows

In Brief

  1. Talk to Delvin Mallory in Riften
  2. Find out the mission details from Torsten Cruel-Sea
  3. Speak to Niranye
  4. Travel to Uttering Hills Cave
  5. Recover Fjolti’s Silver Locket
  6. Return to Torsten Cruel-Sea


Once you’ve completed five additional jobs in the city of Windhelm, speak to Delvin at the Ragged Flagon to receive a “special job.” Delvin explains that he has received word of a rival guild trying to set up shop in Windhelm. To make matters worse, they murder their targets and are giving the current Guild a bad name. Travel to the mountains to the east Windhelm and speak to Delvin’s contact, Torsten Cruel-Sea. Torsten can be found wandering both inside and outside the city walls. Talk to Torsten, and he’ll tell you his daughter, Fjotli, was murdered for her jewelry. He has already tracked down her killer and dealt swift justice, but not before learning about the formation of a new, rival Guild. Torsten wants the return of an heirloom that was stolen after his daughter’s murder, and in return you’ll get to stamp out the rival faction. He’ll give you a name, Niranye, who is somewhere in Windhelm.

You can often find Niranye in the New Gnisis Cornerclub. Talk to her about Torsten’s daughter and she’ll tell you what at tragedy it was. Persuade her to reveal what she isn’t telling you and she’ll she’ll spill the beans on the Summerset Shadows, a group of thieves that likes to steal from the dead. Niranye reveals she used to be a fence for the Thieves Guild in days gone by, but now fences for the Summerset Shadows, under pain of death if she refuses. She’ll tell you the leader, Linwe, has a hideout in Uttering Hills Cave. A bit more conversation reveals the group were not responsible for Fjotli’s death.

If you haven’t already found Uttering Hills, it’s partway up the mountainside to the west. Travel there, and either stealth past or deal with the the Summerset Shadows look outs waiting outside. Inside, walk through the snow tunnels and dispatch or avoid another two Shadow members. The cave here has two paths leading from it. Both will lead you to the same cave, with another two members guarding it. Through the door at the back of the cave, you’ll enter what looks like a homely basement. Down the stairs, sneak into the passage. At this point, an optional goal, destroy the Summerset Shadow’s banner, is added. All that’s left are two melee fighters, an archer, and Linwe himself, who has a healing potions to make things slightly challenging.

The room before Linwe has the Summerset Shadows Banner that you can optionally destroy. The room starts off without anyone inside; but when you burn the banner, 2 guards from a bedroom on the left and Linwe from the room on the right, will charge in. If you’re going to burn the banner, kill Linwe first. It is advisable that you also kill the other two before burning the banner, as you’d lose the element of surprise otherwise.

A fire spell does nicely on the banner in the room here, to complete the destruction of the Summerset Shadow Group while sending a powerful message to those who would challenge your guild’s supremacy.

On your way out, keep an eye out for an Adept-level chest with some valuable jewels, to your right as you hit the top of the first small flight of steps. Back the way you came, go find Torsten in Windhelm and return his heirloom. He’s upset to see the locket, as it reminds him of his daughter’s death. He’ll give you a leveled item, and offer his support to the Guild. Report back to Delvin. He’ll give you your pay, his compliments on your achievement at eradicating the competition (especially if you burn the banner), and point out that the added infamy you earned the guild here has attracted a new merchant to The Ragged Flagon.