Speak to Lod

In Brief

  1. Speak to a Falkreath Guard.
  2. Speak to Lod.
  3. (Optional) Convince Lod to give you half the payment up front.
  4. Locate the dog, Barbas.
  5. Eventually return to Lod for your reward.


As you approach Falkreath for the first time the gate guard will approach and ask if you’ve seen a dog on the road into town. He’ll go on to explain that the town blacksmith Lod saw a stray one nearby in the wilderness and has his eye on it for a pet. You’ll be directed to speak to Lod for information.

Lod will tell you more about the dog and ask you to bring him back to town. He can be presuaded to give half the payment for the task up front. Following the road out towards Helgen, the canine can usually be seen at a crossroads near to town. As you approach him, Barbas will run towards you and begin to speak in a human voice. The quest will complete and A Daedra’s Best Friend will immediately begin. You can return to Lod whenever you want to report back about the dog and get your gold.