In Brief

  1. Once you’ve entered Sovngarde, continue down the path.
  2. Find out how to defeat Alduin
  3. Gain admittance to the Hall of Valor
  4. Talk to the heroes of Sovngarde


The player is transported to a misty realm, filled with statues of Nord warriors. The mist has no noticeable effect and can be cleared with the Clear Skies shout, but the shout only appears to have a temporary effect. Upon continuing down the stone steps, the player is stopped by a Stormcloak soldier who says that the mist is extremely dangerous and that you should not go in. He died fighting the Imperial Legion, and all his companions have been swallowed up by the mist, where, he says, Alduin lurks, devouring souls. He also tells you that at the end of the valley of mist lies Shor’s Hall, where the heroes of Sovngarde gather. He begs you to allow him to follow you. You agree, and set off through the mist. On the way, you run into High King Torygg, and you may see heroes such as Kodlak Whitemane, Ulfric Stormcloak, Legate Rikke if they had previously died in your playthrough. You soon reach the edge, and are stopped by the gate guardian, Tsun. He challenges your right to enter the Hall of Valor, and declares that you must prove your worth in a warrior’s duel. Once you defeat him, he grants you entry.

Inside, you are greeted by Ysgramor, founder of the Companions, who asks you to speak to the Nord heroes of old who battled Alduin, Gormlaith Golden-Hilt, Hakon One-Eye and Felldir the Old. The Hall is filled with Heroes of Sovngarde, including some very notable ones, such as Jurgen Windcaller, the founder of the Greybeards, Olaf One-Eye, and Erlag. When you meet with the three heroes, they decide to join Shouts with you to clear the mist from Sovngarde. The quest ends with you running out to join them.