Sky Haven Temple

skyrim sky haven templeSky Haven Temple is an ancient temple that lies deep within Skyrim. The Temple is scattered with puzzles and traps that can be solved or disabled only by the Dragonborn.

skyrim sky haven temple mapLocated within the fort is a stone wall, known as Alduin’s Wall, which prophesied the civil war in Skyrim and the return of the dragons.

The temple is located east of Markarth on top of a mountain just beside Karthspire. You first discover this location upon completing the quest Alduin’s Wall.

After the completion of Alduin’s Wall, the player can bring followers to Delphine to make them Blades as part of the Rebuilding the Blades quest. This gives these followers Blades Armor. As you recruit more followers into the order, the temple slowly gets upgraded as more people populate the area. After recruiting three blades members, you gain the option to hunt dragons. You speak to Esbern to get the quest to hunt a dragon. You can also gain the Dragonslayer’s Blessing.