Sky Haven Temple

830px TESV Sky Haven Temple Interior Sky Haven TempleSky Haven Tem­ple is an ancient tem­ple that lies deep within Skyrim. The Tem­ple is scat­tered with puz­zles and traps that can be solved or dis­abled only by the Drag­onborn.

Sky temple map 300x290 Sky Haven TempleLocated within the fort is a stone wall, known as Alduin’s Wall, which proph­e­sied the civil war in Skyrim and the return of the dragons.

The tem­ple is located east of Markarth on top of a moun­tain just beside Karth­spire. You first dis­cover this loca­tion upon com­plet­ing the quest Alduin’s Wall.

After the com­ple­tion of Alduin’s Wall, the player can bring fol­low­ers to Del­phine to make them Blades as part of the Rebuild­ing the Blades quest. This gives these fol­low­ers Blades Armor. As you recruit more fol­low­ers into the order, the tem­ple slowly gets upgraded as more peo­ple pop­u­late the area. After recruit­ing three blades mem­bers, you gain the option to hunt drag­ons. You speak to Esbern to get the quest to hunt a dragon. You can also gain the Drag­on­slayer’s Bless­ing.

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