Skooma is a narcotic made from refined Moon Sugar. Unlike previous Elder Scrolls games, skooma has no negative effects in Skyrim. While technically illegal, merchants and characters seem fairly open in their skooma dealings.


  • Skooma can be purchased from Khajiit caravans.
  • Prisoners in Cidhna Mine, a silver mine operated by prisoners in Markarth, smuggle skooma into the mine and use it as a currency.
  • There is a skooma den in Riften that is part of the Supply and Demand quest.
  • There are four bottles of Skooma within a small bandit camp west of Whiterun wall.
  • There are a few bottles on top of a crate outside the entrance to Ustengrav next to a dead bandit.


  • Restore Stamina 25 points