Shrine to Peryite

skyrim shrine to peryiteShrine to Peryite is the shrine to the Daedric Prince, Peryite.

The Shrine contains little besides a table with the Speech skill book The Buying Game on it, a cooking pot, and a golden cauldron. Whereas most Daedra have a statue, Peryite has a large and sinister-looking tree. The Alchemy Lab and cooking pot are often in use by the only worshipper of Peryite there, Kesh the Clean. When asked about Peryite, he will say: “He is the pus in the wound. Oh, proper ones curl their noses, but it’s pus that drinks foul humors and restores the blood. I worship Peryite, yes, because sometimes the world can only be cleansed by disease.” Kesh owns the copy of The Buying Game, and will be displeased if he sees you taking it.

The Shrine is positioned on the top of a cliff; at the base of this cliff, just several meters to the southeast, is an unmarked location with two randomized poisons and a dagger, as well as a permanent diamond at the base of an ancient totem. The nearby chest will contain some random gold and loot and a copy of the Illusion skill book Incident at Necrom.