Shrine of Talos

The Shrine of Talos is a statue which, once activated, cures any diseases and provides the player with a Fortify Shouts blessing that reduces shout cooldowns by 20%.


  • A Shrine of Talos is located in the city of Markarth.
  • A shrine appears in the Temple of the Divines in Solitude if the player aided the Stormcloaks in taking the city.
  • A shrine is located outside the entrance to the Thieves Guild.
  • A shrine is located in Whiterun, just at the base of the stairs leading up to Dragonsreach.
  • A shrine can be found on a small peninsula to the west of Whiterun.
  • A shrine can be found northeast of Whiterun, in between Shimmermist Cave and Fellglow Keep.
  • A shrine can be found in Bloated Man’s Grotto.
  • A shrine can be found Northeast of Ysgramor’s Tomb.
  • A shrine is located on the shore of a small lake directly south of Gallows Rock.
  • A shrine is just over the river from Windhelm, on a cliff overlooking the river and city. To reach it, you need to walk on the south path towards Morvunskar and then turn onto a rough path on the left where the cliff’s slope begins.
  • There is a shrine hidden just south of the Tower Stone and east of Hob’s Fall Cave.
  • There is shrine due east of the Tower Stone on an island.