Pantea’s Flute

In Brief

  1. Talk to Pantea at the Bards College.
  2. Travel to Hob’s Fall Cave and find her missing flute.
  3. Return to Pantea for your reward.


Go get my Flute!
When the Fire Festival marks the end of the Tending the Flames quest, talking to Pantea will make her say: “That damn fool! I should wring her neck!” When asked to elaborate she will explain about a foolish student, Larina, who stole Pantea’s Flute and sold it to a bunch of Necromancers. Pantea is understandably upset as the Flute has been passed down through seventeen generations, so she asks you to retrieve it for her – right away.

Hob’s Fall Cave
A mapmarker will now point you towards Hob’s Fall Cave, a Necromancer Den east of Frostflow Lighthouse in the Winterhold region. While the cave itself seems straightforward, it has quite a few secrets worth exploring, so enter and take a look around. The ledge overlooking the first room is where you will return after a successful trek, so locate the icy path to the left and make your way through the tunnels and fight the hostile Necromancers guarding the desk with a lesser soul gem and a treasure chest. Proceed forward until you reach a suspension bridge. Look over the edge and notice the Necromancer camp deep down below, with an Arcane Enchanter and several bedrolls. Use the ledges to jump down for a surprise attack, then loot the camp for a rare Unusual Gem and the Restoration skill book The Exodus.

Find the Flute
Head back up and use the path to get back on track then fight the Necromancers guarding the next room. Examine another Arcane Enchanter for a copy of the Enchanting skill book Enchanter’s Primer, then activate the pull chain and either dodge or destroy the Spellcaster Traps. The final room is guarded by three Necromancers and contains the chest with the Flute, a black soul gem, and a locked cage with a deceased Redguard. Jump down from the ledge and exit the cave the way you came.

Back in the Bards College, Pantea will be overwhelmed with joy and will teach you a few tricks she learned while playing for the Winterhold Wizards, specifically a one-point boost to all your Magic skills.