Azura’s Star

Azura’s Star is a Daedric artifact that is acquired during the quest The Black Star. It is an unbreakable, reusable soul gem, equivalent to a Grand Soul Gem.


skyrim nelacarNelacar is an Altmer sorcerer and former member of the College of Winterhold, currently living in Winterhold’s The Frozen Hearth inn. He was asked to leave the college due to some failed experiments. He will ask you to bring him Azura’s Star, a powerful soul gem, which will not be destroyed upon usage, and can be refilled an unlimited amount of times. Nelacar will explain that a man named Malyn once sought immortality through use of the gem.

Savior’s Hide

The Savior’s Hide is an enchanted piece of light armor acquired during the Ill Met By Moonlight quest.


  • Resist Magic, 15 pts
  • Resist Poison, 50 pts

Ring of Hircine

The Ring of Hircine is a Daedric artifact that is acquired during the Ill Met By Moonlight quest. Like the Beast Form ability that can be learned from the Companions, it enables the player to transform into a werewolf, but unlike that ability, the Ring of Hircine does not limit the frequency as to which you can transform.


  • Additional Werewolf Transformations

Sorli the Builder

skyrim sorli the builderSorli the Builder is a female Nord, residing in Stonehills with her husband Pactur and son Sirgar. If the Stormcloaks are successful in their conquest of Morthal, Sorli the Builder will become the new Jarl of Morthal, and take over any quests previously given by Idgrod Ravencrone. She will also become her own steward for the purposes of completing radiant quests.

Idgrod Ravencrone

skyrim idgrod ravencroneJarl Idgrod Ravencrone is the Jarl of Morthal, who is heavily protected by her personal bodyguard Gorm, due to people treating her “differently.”

When the player enters Morthal the first time, he/she will see that the townsfolk are angry that Ravencrone is not fulfilling her duties as Jarl, most referring to either attacks by dragons or from incidents, as well as their skeptical view of her leadership. According to the townsfolk, Gorm, and Ravencrone herself, she is “gifted” with the ability to see visions blessed to her from the Nine, and seems to rely on her visions more than the opinions of her people, evidenced when asking her about her stance in the war.

Taurinus Duilis

Taurinus Duilis is an Imperial Legate of the Imperial Legion, stationed in Morthal. During the day he is found in the war room of Highmoon Hall. At nightfall, he sleeps inside the Morthal Guardhouse.

Hjaalmarch Imperial Camp

Hjaalmarch Imperial Camp is an Imperial camp in Hjaalmarch, south of Ustengrav. Imperial Soldiers are camped here, under the command of Legate Taurinus Duilis. Unlike most military camps, there is no quartermaster to be found here. If the player is a Stormcloak, the occupants will warn the player to leave and eventually become hostile.

Three small tents can be found next to the river. Next to them is a cooking spit over a fire, an anvil and a grindstone. Across from these is large tent that holds wounded soldiers and a chest, with a Alchemy Lab and Workbench. The next tent holds a bed, dresser and chest. This is where the Legate sleeps. The last tent holds a map of Skyrim and an end table.


skyrim fiannaFianna is a Breton who works as a maid in Dragonsreach. She is not involved in any quests. She spends most of her day cleaning the entrance to the hall of Dragonsreach. She takes her job very seriously and even if you have become the the Thane she will remark “Ain’t nobody here high and mighty exceptin’ the Jarl and don’t you forget it!”