Draugr are undead Nordic warriors who were the original residents of Skyrim. Having engaged in acts of cannibalism during their lifetimes, they are cursed to walk the earth as undead. They retain the ability to wield weapons such as swords, axes, and bows. They have previously appeared in the Morrowind expansion pack Bloodmoon, notably in the barrows of Solstheim. Draugr carry and use Ancient Nordic Weapons.

Bleak Falls Barrow

Bleak Falls Barrow is a massive, ancient temple built by the Nords to worship the Dragons. Traversing the temple is necessary in order to complete The Golden Claw quest in which the player must dispatch a group of bandits and recover a stolen family heirloom.

Bleak Falls Barrow is where ancient Nords buried their dead; as such, the Barrow is infested with aggressive Draugr. There is one dragon outside the temple. It also appears that at least one Giant Spider inhabits this temple as well. There is also an Inner sanctum, which is blocked by a gate which only the dragon claw can open after a puzzle is solved. Inside the Inner Sanctum lies a word wall, guarded by a sleeping Dragon Priest.


Hilde is an old woman who lives in Riverwood. She shouts that she saw a dragon, but nobody believes her.

Hilde is also the mother of Sven, the local bard from Riverwood.


Sven is a Nord bard. He lives in the Nordic village of Riverwood. Sven is interested in Camilla Valerius, the sister of Lucan Valerius. He has a rival, though, as a Wood Elf called Faendal, a local archer, also has an interest in Camilla.

Sven’s mother Hilde also lives in Riverwood. She’s often viewed as crazy, as she frequently shouts that she has seen a dragon.


Faendal is a local archer of Riverwood. He and Sven have a rivalry for the affections of Camilla Valerius.

He is an Archery skill trainer.

Camilla Valerius

skyrim camillaCamilla Valerius is the sister of Lucan Valerius, the owner of Riverwood Traders in Riverwood. If her brother dies, Camilla will take over the store. The store was robbed by Arvel the Swift, who took an antique Golden Claw and retreated to Bleak Falls Barrow. Camilla will reluctantly task you with retrieving it. Camilla is also involved in a local love triangle with Faendal and Sven.

She is also one of the NPCs who can be married when the player has the amulet of Mara.If you have murdered her brother, however, you are unable to marry her. Having her as a wife will give you full access to the Riverwood Trader.

Lucan Valerius

Lucan Valerius is a male citizen of Riverwood. His sister, Camilla Valerius, also resides in Riverwood. Lucan owns the local trade shop Riverwood Trader.

He is primarily the Quest giver of the quest to retrieve the Golden Claw from Arvel the Swift, however, if he dies, due to the Radiant Story, it can be given by his sister, Camilla, instead.

Golden Claw (Item)

The Golden Claw is a quest item given to you by Lucan Valerius at the Riverwood Trader in Riverwood.

A group of four bandits and a Dunmer named Arvel the Swift came to Bleak Falls Barrow to steal the Golden Claw, but the robbery went wrong and Arvel was trapped in a Frostbite Spider’s web, leaving the rest of the group waiting at the entrance of the dungeon.

The main objective of the quest is to retrieve the stolen treasure from the Dunmer and use it to solve a puzzle and proceed to the dungeon’s Word Wall.

This item somehow ended up in the possesion of the Valerius family, which then became a family heirloom. A member of this family, Lucan Valerius to be specific, will send your character to recover this claw.

Skyrim is “Unmissable”

Giantbomb.com has posted their review of Elder Scrolls: Skyrim…

How is it that after 60 hours of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the first thing I want to do when I finish writing this review is play more Skyrim? It’s simply because, like Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls and Fallout games before it, Skyrim offers a fantasy world so rich and expansive that to describe other games in those terms after playing this one would just feel hollow. The sheer amount of content packed into the game is a true marvel of video game production; it’s even more marvelous that all of it is so well executed that you want to see and do everything, and better still that you’re free to play it all in whatever way you want. Unsurprisingly, Skyrim isn’t perfect in a technical sense, but it gets close enough to fulfilling the potential of this specific role-playing format that the experience it offers is absolutely essential.

November 10th, 2011