250px Ed 215x300 DraugrDraugr are undead Nordic war­riors who were the orig­i­nal res­i­dents of Skyrim. Hav­ing engaged in acts of can­ni­bal­ism dur­ing their life­times, they are cursed to walk the earth as undead. They retain the abil­ity to wield weapons such as swords, axes, and bows. They have pre­vi­ously appeared in the Mor­rowind expan­sion pack Blood­moon, notably in the bar­rows of Sol­s­theim. Draugr carry and use Ancient Nordic Weapons.

Bleak Falls Barrow

830px Bleak Falls Barrow 300x168 Bleak Falls BarrowBleak Falls Bar­row is a mas­sive, ancient tem­ple built by the Nords to wor­ship the Drag­ons. Tra­vers­ing the tem­ple is nec­es­sary in order to com­plete The Golden Claw quest in which the player must dis­patch a group of ban­dits and recover a stolen fam­ily heirloom.

Bleak Falls Bar­row is where ancient Nords buried their dead; as such, the Bar­row is infested with aggres­sive Draugr. There is one dragon out­side the tem­ple. It also appears that at least one Giant Spi­der inhab­its this tem­ple as well. There is also an Inner sanc­tum, which is blocked by a gate which only the dragon claw can open after a puz­zle is solved. Inside the Inner Sanc­tum lies a word wall, guarded by a sleep­ing Dragon Priest.


Hilde is an old woman who lives in River­wood. She shouts that she saw a dragon, but nobody believes her.

Hilde is also the mother of Sven, the local bard from Riverwood.


Sven is a Nord bard. He lives in the Nordic vil­lage of River­wood. Sven is inter­ested in Camilla Valerius, the sis­ter of Lucan Valerius. He has a rival, though, as a Wood Elf called Faen­dal, a local archer, also has an inter­est in Camilla.

Sven’s mother Hilde also lives in River­wood. She’s often viewed as crazy, as she fre­quently shouts that she has seen a dragon.


Faen­dal is a local archer of River­wood. He and Sven have a rivalry for the affec­tions of Camilla Valerius.

He is an Archery skill trainer.

Camilla Valerius

563px S npc riverwood camilla 281x300 Camilla ValeriusCamilla Valerius is the sis­ter of Lucan Valerius, the owner of River­wood Traders in River­wood. If her brother dies, Camilla will take over the store. The store was robbed by Arvel the Swift, who took an antique Golden Claw and retreated to Bleak Falls Bar­row. Camilla will reluc­tantly task you with retriev­ing it. Camilla is also involved in a local love triangle with Faendal and Sven.

She is also one of the NPCs who can be mar­ried when the player has the amulet of Mara.If you have mur­dered her brother, how­ever, you are unable to marry her. Hav­ing her as a wife will give you full access to the River­wood Trader.

Lucan Valerius

Lucan Valerius is a male cit­i­zen of River­wood. His sister, Camilla Valerius, also resides in River­wood. Lucan owns the local trade shop River­wood Trader.

He is pri­mar­ily the Quest giver of the quest to retrieve the Golden Claw from Arvel the Swift, how­ever, if he dies, due to the Radi­ant Story, it can be given by his sis­ter, Camilla, instead.

Golden Claw (Item)

200px Golden Claws Key Golden Claw (Item)The Golden Claw is a quest item given to you by Lucan Valerius at the River­wood Trader in Riverwood.

A group of four ban­dits and a Dun­mer named Arvel the Swift came to Bleak Falls Bar­row to steal the Golden Claw, but the rob­bery went wrong and Arvel was trapped in a Frost­bite Spider’s web, leav­ing the rest of the group wait­ing at the entrance of the dungeon.

The main objec­tive of the quest is to retrieve the stolen trea­sure from the Dun­mer and use it to solve a puz­zle and pro­ceed to the dungeon’s Word Wall.

This item some­how ended up in the pos­s­e­sion of the Valerius fam­ily, which then became a fam­ily heir­loom. A mem­ber of this family, Lucan Valerius to be spe­cific, will send your char­ac­ter to recover this claw.

Skyrim is “Unmissable”

2024712 stormatronach copy 1024x576 Skyrim is UnmissableGiantbomb.com has posted their review of Elder Scrolls: Skyrim…

How is it that after 60 hours of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the first thing I want to do when I fin­ish writ­ing this review is play more Skyrim? It’s sim­ply because, like Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls and Fall­out games before it, Skyrim offers a fan­tasy world so rich and expan­sive that to describe other games in those terms after play­ing this one would just feel hol­low. The sheer amount of con­tent packed into the game is a true mar­vel of video game pro­duc­tion; it’s even more mar­velous that all of it is so well exe­cuted that you want to see and do every­thing, and bet­ter still that you’re free to play it all in what­ever way you want. Unsur­pris­ingly, Skyrim isn’t per­fect in a tech­ni­cal sense, but it gets close enough to ful­fill­ing the poten­tial of this spe­cific role-playing for­mat that the expe­ri­ence it offers is absolutely essential.

November 10th, 2011