skyrim orotheim

Orotheim is a small cave that is home to bandits intent on poaching Mammoths. It is located northeast of Rorikstead just past the Talking Stone Camp, on the higher portion of the region that lays above the lower area where Crabber’s Shanty is located.

The cave itself only consists of three small interconnected rooms with several bandits through out it. The first room contains a copy of the One-handed skillbook Mace Etiquette on the top of a wooden crate. The next room contains two more bandits and the Bandit Chief who holds a journal describing their frustrations in actually killing a Mammoth. There is an apprentice-level chest hidden below the wooden deck behind some crates. Beyond him on the left-side is a narrow passage leading to a room with a fair amount of stray armor and weapons as well as a boss-level chest. At the back is a pull chain that activates a concealed stone door as a shortcut to the entrance.

Outside of the cave to the west is a skeleton clutching to an adept-locked chest at the base of a short waterfall.