New Gnisis Cornerclub

skyrim new gnisis cornerclubNew Gnisis Cornerclub is a tavern in Windhelm founded by refugees from Morrowind.

New Gnisis Cornerclub hosts a group of Dunmer (Dark Elves) that drink to older times of Morrowind. The cornerclub is inside Windhelm and can be found on the eastern side (near the docks entrance). Aval Atheron can be found dancing outside in the evening, and a familiar red banner hangs on the exterior. The entrance is next to Sadri’s Used Wares.

This cornerclub hosts many Dunmer and the interior is quite bare. In fact, the cornerclub illustrates the hardships Dunmer endure in the frozen tundra of Skyrim. Prejudice and racism is spoken heavily by many in the club. The memories and accomplishments of the Nerevar seem to be overlooked by most in Skyrim. Gnisis’ once prosperous eggmine now seems bitterly vanquished as the legends of Gnisis now drink to their fears in the New Gnisis Cornerclub.