skyrim narfiNarfi is a Nord living in Ivarstead. Up until a year ago, he lived together with his sister, Reyda, in the broken down home of his parents. However, his sister disappeared and he now lives alone. Because of his sister’s disappearance, Narfi has some psychological problems; refering continuously to the fact he did not get a chance to say goodbye and he wishes his sister will return soon.

When asking Wilhelm about Narfi’s condition, he will tell the player that he told Narfi his sister wasn’t dead and that she would return one day. He also points the player in the direction of the small island to the east of Ivarstead, where Reyda always went to get ingredients as she was an alchemist. The player can then go look for Narfi’s sister’s remains.

As it turns out Reyda’s remains can be found underwater, just east of the southern bridge into town. Next to her remains is Reyda’s Satchel, which contains several alchemical ingredients and Reyda’s Necklace. The player can then return the necklace to Narfi, and either tell him the truth, or tell him Reyda said she’d be back soon. Either way, the player will receive a random set of ingredients, and Narfi will for the most part remain the same.