Mourning Never Comes

In Brief

  • Speak to Muiri.
  • (Optional) Sneak into the Shatter-Shield Residence and kill Nilsine Shatter-Shield.
  • Travel to Raldbthar and kill Dufont.
  • Return to Muiri for your reward.


Astrid will give you this mission when you complete at least one of the previous three contracts and the Night Mother arrives. It is your first contract from her.

Astrid directs you to travel to Markarth and speak to Muiri to set up your contract with her. She will direct you to assassinate Alain Dufont. Talking to her further will also give you the optional objective to kill Nilsine Shatter-Shield. Talking even further will have her reward you with two Lotus Extract to use on her targets, but these are unnecessary if you get sneak attacks.

Killing Nilsine is optional but is very easy so there is no reason not to do it, so doing her first is a good idea. Simply wait until it’s night and the Shatter-Shields are asleep, break in, and sneak attack Nilsine for an instant kill. It’ll be even easier if you catch her in the temple (usually around 7pm onwards), as when she’s there you’ll be alone with her, and she’ll be sitting in the pews with her back to the door, making for an easy kill.

Note: Killing her in the streets, even if she’s alone, seems to reveal you, and send the guards after you. It’s best not to try it.

Sneak back out of the Shatter-Shield residence and travel to the dwarven ruins, Raldbthar. There will be several guards outside, and inside will be more guards as well as several traps. A short distance into the dungeon will be Dufont, who is an easy kill as he is unarmored. One of his guards has an Irkngthand Consortium Key, which is a key to a different Dwemer Ruin. Completing the rest of these ruins is optional, but is related to other quests.

A leveled amount of gold for killing Dufont. You additionally receive Muiri’s Ring if you also kill Nilsine. Completing the quest will also let you propose marriage to Muiri.