Moonstone Ore

skyrim moonstone oreMoonstone Ore is used to make Refined Moonstone at a smelter. It is described as a yellow-cream stone. The ore is used in creating and improving Elven items and creating Glass items.


  • Cronvangr Cave
  • Mzulft
  • Stony Creek Cave
  • Kagrenzel
  • Wolfskull Cave
  • Skyborn Altar: Go Northeast, down the slope a little.
  • Nightcaller Temple: On the West side of the temple.
  • Shrine to Peryite: Halfway down the mountain to the North.
  • Soljund’s Sinkhole
  • Northwind Summit: When facing the dragon wall it is to the left over the rocks and under several trees.
  • North Skybound Watch: About half-way between North Skybound Watch and Orphan Rock, on the east side of the valley.
  • Winterhold Imperial Camp: Atop the peak, due Southwest.