Mjoll the Lioness

skyrim mjollMjoll the Lioness is a Nord adventurer residing in Riften. She is eligible to be married upon completion of her side quest.

She vocally opposes Riften’s corruption and their overlooking of the Thieves Guild’s headquarters in the city. She is friends with Aerin, a man who saved her from death outside a Dwemer ruin in which she lost her favorite sword. She retired from being an adventurer after this incident. She can join you as a companion if you are able to recover her sword Grimsever.

If you get her sword for her she will take it from you, but you can recruit her as a follower and take it from her inventory. Because it is a glass sword, if you are able to do the quest to get it, then it’s very useful at low levels. Very skilled with one handed weapons (such as Grimsever), she is one of the better NPC companions. She appears to stop levelling at level 40 with good one-handed, heavy armor, and block skills.