Lynly Star-Sung

skyrim lynly star-sungLynly Star-Sung is a resident of Ivarstead and a bard working at the Vilemyr Inn. She will take requests for five septims each and will play for free once if the player can persuade her to do so. When speaking to Wilhelm, she will confess that she is unsure of her ability as a bard, to which Wilhelm will boost her spirits by complimenting her on her skill. Lynly will play a “special song” for free, if you use the persuasion option during a conversation with her.

Lynly’s real name used to be Svidi. During the quest The Lover’s Requital, Sibbi Black-Briar asks the player to hunt her down and tell him her whereabouts. When the player gets Lynly to confess, Lynly tells about how Sibbi killed her brother, causing her to go into hiding. The player has a choice to either tell the truth to Sibbi Black-Briar, or to lie.

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