A lockpick is an item used to open locked doors. Lockpicks can be found in the following locations:

  • The thieves guild fence Tonilia carries around 30 picks for sale.
  • The Khajiit trading caravan that travels between the Holds carries 30 picks for sale.
  • Babette in the Dark Brotherhood usually sells between 15 and 20 picks.
  • Checking chests, bags and other storage units. (Raiding houses helps with this)
  • Killing Bandits or humanoid monsters.
  • The Skeleton Key. This lockpick is unique in that it will never break; if you apply pressure whilst in the wrong position, the pick will shake, but it will never break, meaning that you can try an infinite amount of times. The Skeleton key is rendered useless if you obtain the Unbreakable perk, as all your normal picks are unbreakable as well.