Laid to Rest

In Brief

  1. Talk to Morthal’s Jarl and learn about the fire.
  2. Visit the house and find a lead.
  3. Follow up on the lead and learn who set the fire.
  4. Visit the culprit’s home and obtain evidence of a plot against the town.
  5. Report your findings to the Jarl and be tasked with eliminating the threat.
  6. Lead a group of townspeople in an ambush to defend Morthal.


Talk to the Jarl
Just about everyone around town will be gossiping about Hroggar’s house that recently burned down with his wife and daughter inside. Since Hroggar shacked up with Alva the very next day, many townspeople suspect arson. Talk to Jarl Idgrod Ravencrone in Highmoon Hall and she will task you, a stranger in town, to investigate.

Investigate the burned house
Travel to the burned house nearby and find the ghost of Helgi, Hroggar’s daughter. She describes dying in the fire, and mentions that someone else nearby is looking for her, too. Agree to play hide-and-seek after dark with her, and in return she will reveal who set the fire.

Find Helgi after dark
Helgi will be “hiding” in her grave behind the house. It’s a short distance away, up and to the right where there are some rock piles (“cairns”). When you arrive, Laelette is already there. Laelette was a townsperson who was turned into a vampire by none other than Alva, a vampire herself. Defeat Laelette and Helgi’s ghost will thank you.

Ask Thonnir about Laelette
Meanwhile, Laelette’s husband Thonnir arrives at Helgi’s grave, informing you that he thought Laelette had joined the resistance. He asks you to confront Alva in her home. Small note the coffin might be bugged and wont open when activated when commanded to

Investigate Alva’s house
Break into Alva’s (and now Hroggar’s) house across town. Hroggar will be immediately hostile if he is in the house. If you break in during the day Hroggar will not be there, though Alva will be present. If you broke in at night, Alva will most likely be outside of the house, and the coffin will be empty but for her journal. Whichever time of day you break in, make your way into the basement to discover Alva’s coffin and journal. Dealing with Alva at this point is not necessary to advance the quest. Read about how all the events unfolded, including how she was turned by the master vampire Movarth, the plot to enslave the townspeople of Morthal, and the beginnings of your investigation.

Show Alva’s Journal to the Jarl
Take Alva’s Journal back to Highmoon Hall and the Jarl will reward you with some gold. She then asks one more favor: travel to Movarth’s Lair and eliminate the threat. She has gathered a small group of townspeople, led by Thonnir, to travel with you.

Kill the master vampire
Thonnir, enraged by the events that took his wife’s life, leads the charge whether you’re ready or not. Once the party arrives at the lair, however, everyone but Thonnir flees in terror. Thonnir offers you a choice of whether he accompanies you or not. He’s essential, so he won’t die, but he’s pretty useless in the cave anyway. Whatever you choose, enter the one-zone lair and dispatch the Vampire Thralls and Morvath himself. If you didn’t take care of Alva in her own house, she will be in the lair, and possibly aid you in killing the other vampires. You can then kill her yourself if you’d like, though this may result in a bounty if Thonnir sees you do it (and sometimes even if he’s outside). She carries a fair bit of gold, though.

Note: Once going into the lair, stop and go back out to Morthal. All of the shops and houses owned by the people waiting outside the vampire cave are full of some pretty decent loot, and since those 6 townsfolk are at the entrance to the lair waiting to hear that you killed Morvath, everything is easy to steal. Especially don’t forget to steal the 30~ cool potions at the Thaumaturgist’s Hut (also has a fair number of ingredients).

Return to Morthal’s Jarl
As you leave the lair, Helgi’s ghost will appear and thank you for avenging her mother’s death. Return to Morthal and the Jarl will reward you with a leveled amount of gold.


  • If you cast Clairvoyance before finding the girl’s grave, it will prematurely lead you out of town to Movarth’s Lair.
  • It isn’t necessary to kill Hroggar, as he will no longer be hostile once the quest is completed. Confrontation can be avoided by breaking in to Alva’s house when he isn’t there, or by using a Calm spell on him.
  • You can also avoid killing Alva, if you care to. Break into her house during the day, when she is sleeping (Hroggar won’t be there), sneak around her as she sleeps, and carefully take the journal from the coffin that she is in. She will wake and say something about the townspeople not having any fun, and will leave for Movarth’s Lair. She will not attack you, and when you encounter her in Movarth’s Lair, she will even fight the other vampires, though this may only be after defeating the leader. However, she will remain a vampire, and will return to her house and sleep in her coffin after the end of the quest.
  • Helgi is an old norse name meant for boys.
  • It is probable that the Movarth featured in Immortal Blood is also the Movarth in the quest.