Kyne’s Sacred Trials

In Brief

  1. Defeat the Guardian Mudcrab.
  2. Defeat the Guardian Skeever.
  3. Defeat the Guardian Wolf.
  4. Return to Froki.
  5. Defeat the Guardian Bear.
  6. Defeat the Guardian Mammoth.
  7. Defeat the Guardian Sabre Cat.
  8. Return to Froki.
  9. Defeat the Guardian Troll.
  10. Return to Froki.


Visit Froki’s Shack and speak to the Nord hunter Froki. He will lament the worship of the Divines and pine over the old Nordic traditions that honor Kyne. If you agree he’ll grant you a blessing to seek out the Guardian beasts of Skyrim and perform the Sacred Trials of Kyne. All the guardian beasts are unseen until you engage in the quest and inhabit areas populated by normal creatures of their same species. You’ll have to go out and hunt the lesser beasts first before he gives you the set of greater beasts to hunt. The final trial is to hunt and kill Kyne’s Troll Champion. If you struggled with the Guardian Mammoth this part is potentially even more difficult. The Troll Spirit is inside Graywinter Watch and will almost immediately attack alongside two other normal Trolls making this a tough fight for lower level players. Any sort of fire damage is useful on all the creatures involved in this quest, especially the Trolls. Froki will reward you with Kyne’s Token upon completion of the quest.

Guardian Locations

  • Guardian Mudcrab – Whiterun Hold, just west of Broken Fang Cave. (Spirit is located just SE of Gjukar’s Monument.)
  • Guardian Skeever – The Pale, around the Windward Ruins
  • Guardian Wolf – Falkreath Hold, unmarked wolf den southwest of the The Guardian Stones.
  • Guardian Bear – Falkreath Hold, south of Knifepoint Ridge
  • Guardian Mammoth – Whiterun Hold, unmarked Mammoth graveyard just west of Loreius Farm
  • Guardian Sabre Cat – Winterhold, just west of Bleakcoast Cave
  • Guardian Troll – Whiterun Hold, inside Graywinter Watch.