skyrim klimmekKlimmek is a resident of Ivarstead who, every few weeks, brings supplies up to the Greybeards. He does so for free, but admits he might be getting too old for such a hard job and asks the player to help him.

Even though he brings the Greybeards supplies, he has never seen one of them. Klimmek expresses a slight fear of encountering one, even though he knows them to be peaceful.

When asked, Klimmek says the player only needs to worry about the occasional wolf pack or stray on the 7000 steps, but a player may encounter Frostbite Spiders, Ice Wraiths and a Frost Troll on the main path.

It is revealed that he harbors romantic feelings for Fastred, who had previously broken up with him and is now purportedly in love Bassianus Axius. If the player chooses to encourage him instead of Bassianus, Klimmek will decide to be more assertive and confess his feelings to Fastred, ending in her deciding not to leave Ivarstead after all.