J’zargo’s Experiment

J’zargo, a Khajiit apprentice at the college of Winterhold, wants you to test his new spell. He gives you ten scrolls, each with a Flame Cloak effect. After testing the spell on three undead, return to him and tell him about your results. Early tests will reveal that the spells are fairly damaging to you as well, so be careful. Players with low health might find themselves killed outright.

As the quest objectives require you to test it on the undead, any barrow, ruin or tomb should suffice as grounds for the completion of the quest. Simply enter the dungeon, walk up to the catacombs or tombs and trigger the draugr into responding to your presence. Then use the spell, provided you are at high enough health, as the spell damages oneself in addition to the undead.

If your followers wander into range, they will also take damage. If this happens enough times, they will end up turning on you.

Example locations include Bleak Falls Barrow, Saarthal Ruins and Folgunthar.