Joining the Legion

In Brief

  1. Make your way to Solitude and speak to General Tullius.
  2. He will direct you to speak to Legate Rikke which is the other person in the room
  3. When you speak to Legate Rikke she wants to test your abilities and orders you to clear out Fort Hraggstad.
  4. Clear out bandits from Fort Hraggstad.
  5. Return to Solitude and speak to Legate Rikke again.
  6. Once more speak to General Tullius and take the Imperial legion oath.


The quest is relatively straight forward. Find your way to Fort Hraggstad, which is Northwest of Solitude, you’ll have to take the western road before a path presents itself, otherwise you’ll be walking into mountains.

The quest dictates you clear out every bandit, including a few outside. Take note that there are two interiors and a few bowmen high up in the exterior towers. If you kill several and still haven’t completed the quest, it should usually help you by giving quest markers to every surviving bandit.

You return to Rikke, who refers you to Tulius, whom asks you to repeat an oath to serve the Empire. You join the Legion under the “Auxiliary” rank.


  • By completing this quest you immediately fail the Joining the Stormcloaks quest.
  • You can still join the Imperial Legion after completing the Dark Brotherhood. The oath you take upon joining omits “To Titus Mede II,” but he’ll still say Long Live the Emperor.
  • Fort Hraggstad will be converted into a Legion fort as soon as you leave the area once all the bandits are dead. Any bodies left behind will be gone when you return.