Jarl Igmund

skyrim jarl igmundJarl Igmund is a Nord who leads the city of Markarth along with the leadership of the Imperial government.

When discussing about the city’s history under his father’s leadership, Igmund reveals that when Cyrodiil was invaded by the Aldmeri Dominion during the Great War, the empire had turned a blind eye to all other provinces, including Skyrim, and were forced to deal with the threat. Because of this, the Imperial legion formerly stationed in Markarth were recalled, leaving the city vulnerable to the impending Forsworn rebellion. With no legion to assist the besieged city, it fell temporarily and created a brief “independent kingdom,” killing Igmund’s father in the process; forced with no options, Igmund explains to entice a creation of a “Nord militia”, he vowed that there would be freedom of religion, which would even attract future rebel leader Ulfric Stormcloak. But even when the Forsworn had been defeated, Igmund realized that the Thalmor would wage war on Skyrim, after the signing of the White-Gold Concordat and was forced to cope with the returning Imperial soldiers to ban worship of Talos. Consequently, many in Markarth have learned to distrust and even despise Igmund for his betrayal.