Ironbind Barrow

Ironbind Barrow is a Nordic ruin situated between Winterhold and Whiterun.

It is located more specifically just a little south/southwest of Wayward Pass and contains Draugr enemies.

The outerchambers hold frostbite spiders, one of which is giant. The inner chambers hold the tomb of a Draugr warlord named Gathrik and other Draugr. The warlord knows Thu’um, guarding the last room in the dungeon. There are two entrances to Ironbind Burrow, one at ground level and another on top of the mountain. A redguard named Salma and her Argonian servant/slave Beem-Ja sit outside of Ironbind Burrow. A dragon wall can be found behind the throne the warlord was seated on.

If you speak to Salma and state that you intend to enter the dungeon then she will insist on going in with you. Both she and Beem-Ja will accompany you through the dungeon. On defeating the warlord Beem-Ja (who won’t join you in the fight) will state that he was waiting for someone to turn up and help him reach his goal and turn on you and Salma. If Salma survives the battle she’ll be too depressed over the betrayal to carry on and allow you to keep all the loot (a letter on Beem-Ja’s body indicates that he was being blackmailed by Salma’s father).

Beem-Ja is a necromancer and may reanimate Warlord Gathrik, forcing you to fight this powerful enemy twice, this is much easier if you have someway to ‘fear’ Beem-Ja away so that you can deal with the reanimated Gathrik one-on-one, the Nord’s Battlecry power works nicely. Simply killing Beem-Ja first will also stop the reanimated Gathrik.

Upon exiting the Ironbind Burrow, look for a chest to your left. Head up the mountain further, and you will find some pillars and a small shrine. Beware, as two Ice Wraiths will appear. There are two chests (different in appearance than normal chests) on either side of the shrine. Now, climb the nearby cliffs and look at the top of the pedestal, and you’ll see a number of potions on top. Utilize your Whirlwind Sprint shout to claim the potions. (If you wish to get everything, it’s recommended to save before using the shout, as your landing may throw some of the items far away. It is possible to “land” without losing any potions.)