Inge Six Fingers

skyrim inge six fingersInge Six Fingers, an elderly bard, is Dean of Lutes at the Bards College and claims that the very reason she is so good with a Lute is that she is old, as it takes ‘a lifetime to master.’ She is strict and to the point, as evident from her attitude and several statements by the students. She can often be found teaching in the upstairs classrooms or wandering around the ground floor library.

After your initiation into the College, Inge will suddenly start to say: “It makes me sad whenever I think about it.” As it turns out, over a year ago, thieves broke into the College and stole Finn’s Lute, the first hand-crafted eight-string Lute ever created. She recently learned the location of the thieves’ hideout, and tasks you with claiming the Lute, starting the quest Finn’s Lute.