Ill Met By Moonlight

skyrim ill met by moonlightIn Brief

  1. (Optional) Speak to Mathies, the father of the slain child in Falkreath.
  2. Talk to Sinding, who is in a jail cell located in the Falkreath barracks.
  3. Accept his quest and take his Cursed Ring of Hircine.
  4. Kill the White Stag.
  5. Accept Hircine’s quest to kill Sinding.
  6. Travel to Bloated Man’s Grotto.
  7. Speak with Sinding
  8. Defeat Sinding OR defeat Hircine’s Hunters and speak with Sinding.
  9. Speak with Hircine.


In the graveyard outside of the Hall of the Dead in Falkreath, grieving parents of a recently slain child are being consoled by Runil. Mathies, the father of the child, tells you that a laborer working for him on Corpselight Farm named Sinding was the murderer and is currently locked up in Falkreath Jail.

Whether you speak to Mathies or not, upon reaching the Jail you will find there is only one prisoner. Sinding approaches the bars and speaks with you, revealing that he is a werewolf. He goes on further to explain that he stole the Ring of Hircine in an attempt to control his transformations. However, this plan backfired when Hircine, the Daedric Prince of the Hunt, then cursed the ring and now the bearer of the Cursed Ring of Hircine randomly uncontrollably transforms.

Sinding believes that if he hunts and kills a great beast in the form of a white stag, that he can win back Hircine’s favor and uncurse the ring. If you choose to help him, he will give you the ring and task you with hunting down the white stag yourself. Once he gives you the ring, it cannot be dropped or unequipped, although it has no effect if you are not a werewolf. Sinding then transforms into a werewolf and escapes through the top of his cell.

Successfully hunting the White Stag in the forests west of Falkreath will cause a ghostly manifestation of Hircine to appear. He is not pleased with what he views as Sinding’s betrayal, and requests that you hunt down Sinding in Bloated Man’s Grotto and tear the skin from his body. He also tells you to hurry, as you are not the only hunter vying for his favor in this matter.

Upon entering Bloated Man’s Grotto, you will see a small camp with several bodies and a mortally wounded hunter, who tells you that his wounds and the casualties are from battling Sinding, and warns you that “the prey is strong” before dying. Once you leave the camp and go in a bit further you will see Sinding in his werewolf form, high up on a rock above the entrance, with the Blood Moon behind him.

When you reach him he will greet you, and ask for your assistance. You then have a choice between helping him against the hunters for the Ring of Hircine or fulfilling Hircine’s request which will give you the Savior’s Hide.

Note: It is possible to obtain both the Ring of Hircine and the Savior’s Hide. To do so, you must first help Sinding eliminate the remaining hunters. After doing so, speak with Sinding to complete his quest objective, then kill him. When you remove his skin, immediately avoid contact with the Hircine’s spectral avatar and exit the cave, leading you to the spirit of the white stag, which will then reward you with the uncursed Ring of Hircine. Now re-enter the cave and speak with Hircine’s spectral avatar to receive the Savior’s Hide.

If you choose to fight Sinding, he will run from the cliff towards the entrance, where there are several hunters waiting for him. None of them are any match for him and by the time you catch up to him he will most likely have killed several of them. After defeating him, his corpse will give an option to tear the skin off his body as Hircine requested. Hircine will appear again as a ghostly manifestation of a child and reclaim his ring while giving you the Savior’s Hide as a reward.

If you choose to assist him, a stronger group of hunters will turn hostile between you and him and after battling them you will continue the same way as he would run if you chose to fight him, and simply assist him with the weaker hunters. After the remaining hunters are defeated, talk to Sinding, who will simply thank you. When you exit the cave Hircine will again appear in the form of the ghostly white stag and reward you by removing the curse from the ring, granting you the restored Ring of Hircine.