Idgrod Ravencrone

skyrim idgrod ravencroneJarl Idgrod Ravencrone is the Jarl of Morthal, who is heavily protected by her personal bodyguard Gorm, due to people treating her “differently.”

When the player enters Morthal the first time, he/she will see that the townsfolk are angry that Ravencrone is not fulfilling her duties as Jarl, most referring to either attacks by dragons or from incidents, as well as their skeptical view of her leadership. According to the townsfolk, Gorm, and Ravencrone herself, she is “gifted” with the ability to see visions blessed to her from the Nine, and seems to rely on her visions more than the opinions of her people, evidenced when asking her about her stance in the war.

Although Ravencrone is unwilling to reveal whom she is allied with in the civil war, while subtly stating she supports “herself and Morthal,” it is clear that she is a Imperial supporter; if by any chance Morthal is under control by the Stormcloaks, she will be replaced with Sorli the Builder.

She wears a Fur-Trimmed Cloak, a pair of Pleated Shoes, a pair of Fine Armguards and a Steel Dagger. She also carries a very small amount of gold and up to three minor random items.

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