How many steps is it really to get to the top of High Hrothgar?

skyrim 7000 stepsWhile the characters in the game claim there are 7,000 steps to the peak of High Hrothgar, Reddit user Jimeee took the time to count for himself. And here’s what he found out…

There are only 748 steps to High Hrothgar. Yeah, I counted.

Boredom and curiosity got the better of me so I set out on this epic quest. Please note this topic is in jest, Skyrim is awesome and I won’t be taking it back to the store after this shocking discovery!

My studies are as follows:

  • Counted only the steps that were actually visible. Much of the terrain leads you to believe that many steps are buried under snow, so if you want to take that into account then I would estimate 100 to 150 more steps that were not visible.
  • I counted the steps that went downhill too – the lore talks about “climbing” the 7000 steps so it seems counter intuitive, but I included them anyway.
  • Started from the very first step over the Ivarstead bridge right upto the front door of High Hrothgar.

So in closing, if the Throat of the World was to really include 7000 steps, our journey up to the Greybeards would have roughly been 10 times longer. I suppose you can also say the mountain itself should be about 10 times bigger? Crazy if it was that big in-game.

December 15th, 2011