Halted Stream Camp

skyrim halted stream campHalted Stream Camp is is a cavern overlain with a wooden fort. It has become a base of operation for bandits. The camp is located Northwest of the Whitewatch Tower.


The camp is surrounded by a palisade wall, with the north side protected by a rocky hill. Four bandits keep watch over the camp, using raised platforms around the perimeter. A tanning rack, wood chopping block, and grindstone can be found within the camp. There are two chests, one of which is trapped.


As you first descend into the mine you will find a lone outlaw bandit mining, who is carrying the Halted Stream Camp key. On opening the locked door and descending deeper you will find the main chamber, where two outlaw bandits and one bandit chief await. After passing through this chamber, a tunnel leads up, back to the surface, but beware of a fire trap that lies in your path. Through this exit lies an impassable barrier of wooden spikes at the bottom of a deep shaft, though there may be minor loot to be found.

It contains 16 Iron Ore veins and 1 Corundum Ore vein. At the very end of the mine is located a blacksmiths forge, grinding wheel, and tanning rack. Also at the very end on a table there is the Spell Tome: Transmute.

The Iron ore is mainly found in the two tunnels leading from, and to the main chamber. The Corundum ore is to be found at the base of a bed found on a raised platform in the main chamber.