Hail Sithis!

In Brief

  1. Travel to Whiterun and talk to Amaund Motierre.
  2. Knowing the true Emperor’s location, travel to Solitude’s docks.
  3. (Optional) Kill Commander Maro.
  4. Board The Katariah.
  5. Kill Emperor Titus Mede II.
  6. Return to Amaund, to learn the location of the dead drop.
  7. (Optional) Kill Amaund Motierre, to fulfill the Emperor’s dying wish.
  8. Travel to Volunruud to collect your reward.
  9. Return to Nazir at the Dawnstar Sanctuary.


Despite only three Dark Brotherhood members remaining in all of Tamriel, the Night Mother wants you to finish your contract and kill the Emperor, Titus Mede II. The real Emperor’s whereabouts are unknown, so travel to Whiterun and find Amaund Motierre in his room at the The Bannered Mare. Amaund will reveal that the true Emperor is on board his ship, The Katariah, near Solitude’s docks. Amaund will also inform you that Commander Maro is outside the East Empire Company Warehouse at the docks, should you wish to exact revenge.

Go to the East Empire Company Warehouse, near Solitude. Commander Maro will be standing on the dock. If you approach him, he will be startled by your appearance and proceed to attack. This will allow you to kill him without incurring a bounty, and the nearby guards may even assist you if you allow Maro to make the first strike. Alternatively, kill Maro from a distance or sneak up to him and kill him stealthily. You can, if you so wish, ignore Maro completely and move onto the next objective.

The next target is the true Emperor, aboard his ship The Katariah, moored out to the north of the city. Security has been relaxed somewhat, as the Penitus Oculatusbelieve that the Dark Brotherhood has been completely eradicated. Nonetheless, many bodyguards are still present on the ship. Access the ship underwater by using the anchor to climb aboard. On board the ship are sailors, and Penitus Oculatus Agents, both of which are relatively weak and easy to defeat. You can fight your way through the ship, or simply sneak through as few guards will be patrolling the hallways and can all be picked off quite easily.

You can also traverse the upper deck, which contains many guards. However a unique sword, Windshear, can be found at the very end of the slanted mast as the front of the ship. King, a Two-handed skill book, can be found next to the throne.

Captain Avidius and Lieutenant Salvarus are also present on the ship, both in their individual private quarters, and somewhat tougher than the other guards. They both carry a Katariah Master Key, which will open all doors on the ship, including the Emperor’s Quarters. There is another master key on the floor of the captain’s quarters, just to side of the door.

Enter the Emperor’s Quarters. Whether you came in in sneak position or not, the Emperor will greet you straight away, as he has been expecting you. He will acknowledge that it is his destiny to die by your hand. He asks, however, for you to listen for a moment before killing him. You can, if you want, kill the Emperor instantly, or hear what he has to say. The Emperor simply asks that you consider killing the people who masterminded his assassination, as he feels that their intentions could be malevolent.

Return to Whiterun and speak to Amaund. He will reveal that the money is in a dead drop inside the cavern where you first met in Volunruud. After speaking to Amaund, you may kill him if you wish to fulfill the Emperor’s request. Amaund’s corpse can be looted for a vast amount of gems that can later be sold for a hefty amount of gold.

Go to Volunruud and travel to the chamber where you first met Amaund. Inside, you will find a chest full of leveled loot, and an urn containing 20,000 gold.

Return to the Dawnstar Sanctuary and speak to Nazir about the gold. You can choose to lie about how much money you received, although this does not affect anything. Nazir will point out that Delvin Mallory, of the Thieves Guild, could assist in using the gold to restore the sanctuary.