Glory of the Dead

skyrim glory of the deadIn Brief

  1. Have Eorlund Gray-Mane mend Wuuthrad
  2. Return Wuuthrad to Ysgramor’s Tomb
  3. Move through the tomb, defeating the companions of the past.
  4. Meet Kodlak
  5. Fight one final spirit
  6. Release Kodlak


After the events of Purity of Revenge, Vilkas wil set off at a running pace towards the Skyforge, to participate in the late Harbinger Kodlak Whitemane’s funeral. The ceremony is to be held near Eorlund Gray-Mane’s smithy; all Companions members will be present, along with a few citizens. Kodlak himself is placed above the forge, and the ceremony ends with Aela the Huntress lighting up the fire, as a final goodbye to the Harbinger. After the ritual, Eorlund will seek you out and ask for the Fragments of Wuuthrad and a small favor, specifically to fetch him a secret piece from Kodlak’s chambers. The Fragment is located in the End Table in his bedroom, so take it and return to Eorlund. When he accepts it, he informs you that the other Companions went to the Underforge for a gathering and suggests you join them.

You will find the three members of The Circle, Farkas, Vilkas and Aela, gathered around the blood fountain, engaged in conversation. Each and every one of them admits that Kodlak’s death was avenged but that his soul now belongs to Hircine, and is destined to hunt in his Realm forever, instead of his desired afterlife in Sovngarde. While they regret the events, they can see no solution, until Eorlund Gray-Mane enters the premises, with the complete and repaired Wuuthrad on his back. He quickly announces that it is far from impossible to grant Kodlak his final wish and proceeds to hand over the thousand-year old Wuuthrad to you. Your allies will then take off towards the legendary Ysgramor’s Tomb.

As soon as you enter the tomb, Vilkas will approach you and warn you about the dangers ahead. He also reveals that he will take no part in the task, as he has too much grief in his heart. Activate the Ysgramor statue, which will place Wuuthrad on the statue and lower the wall to the north. If you need Wuuthrad, you can reclaim it. Proceed forward through the spider webs, followed by Aela the Huntress and Farkas. Before long, you will encounter several Companion Ghosts who will test your courage. Dispose of them and make your way to the large room with a pond in the middle, whereFarkas will make a surprising statement; ever since the events back in Dustman’s Cairn he’s been deadly afraid of spiders, so he will proceed no further and will instead run back to Vilkas. With Aela the Huntress as your only follower, hack your way through the spider web and face a huge nest of frostbite spiders, both small and big, so be prepared to cure yourself from poisoning. The second room is sealed off, so pull the chain and go down the stairs for even more battles against Companion Ghosts. In the third chamber, use the handle on the pedestal to access the northern room, where four ghosts await. Dispose of them and read the Two-handed skill book The Legendary Sancre Tor before entering the burial chamber.

You will find the ghost of Kodlak Whitemane warming his hands near the Flame of the Harbinger. After explaining that the room is, in fact, swarming with the ghosts of his predecessors, whom you are unable to see, he will ask you if you still own the heads of the Glenmoril Witches. He will then ask you to toss one into the Flame, in an attempt to cure him of his werewolf curse. Throw the head in the fire and watch Kodlak start to twist and turn and before long, his wolf spirit will be released and immediately attack. After the battle, Kodlak will thank you wholeheartedly and will promote you to the new leader for the Companions. He will then travel to Sovngarde and finally find his peace.

Aela will accept your promotion but will also stay in the Tomb for a while longer, for further studies. She will, however, accept to act as your follower should you ask her. Locate the chest on the northeastern ledge and claim the Shield of Ysgramor, along with some valuable loot, then exit through the nearby door. Before leaving the tomb, you have the option to take Wuuthrad from Ysgramor’s statue if you didn’t take it earlier. This will end the quest and your main jobs for the Companions, although all the Radiant Quests will now be available, including three new ones. Additionally, exiting the tomb through the western passageway will lead you to a set of stairs and a word wall with one of the Animal Allegiance words.